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How soon is my account active after I turn on the Cloud Storage service?

Your account can take a few minutes after you turn on the Cloud Storage service for it to become active.

Is my data redundant?

Yes, your data is redundant, which provides high durability and high availability. When you upload your data to Cloud Storage or copy your data within it, Cloud Storage reports the action as successful only if object redundancy is achieved. If your data is stored in the Multi-Regional Storage class, then your data is redundant in at least two geographically separate regions. If your data is stored in any other storage class, your data is stored in one region. See the Storage Classes page for more information about available storage classes.

Is my privacy respected?

Each document placed in our systems is stored in our secure datacentres. Data is backed up with permanent redundancy to handle any hardware faults (outage, data corruption for example), thereby ensuring the integrity of your data. Only you can access your data with your username and password.

Where can I find pricing information?

Please read the Pricing and Terms for detailed information on pricing page.

Can i share files?

Yes sure! once a file is loaded on your cloud space you will have some available tools spcific for sharing, you could for example share a file or a folder with your friends or customers, set an expiration date or a password to the link.

Are there any size limit for single file?

No maximum file size is actually set. This means you will able to upload also big file until you have space, but is still forbidden to upload material covered by copyrights such as music, video or software. This violation will automatically close your account.