About us

Welcome to the board.
Meet with the StorageCloudBOx Team.

StorageCloudBox is a IT Company based in Singapore, our offices are in the Nanyang Polytechnic Technological and business center.
Actually we are a small team of just 15 awesome persons, a good mixed of American, European and Asian guys with strong and different skills.

We running this business from last 10 years in our country and this year we are happy to publish our first international offer to all the world.

Our philosophy is to offer an excellent service at affordable price in the way everybody in the world could enjoy it.


We made the cloud easy for you!

  • Cloud Storage
  • VPN Services
  • Cloud Business Consulting

Some of our competitors are running from years but their offers miss something, the human-aspect, we created a very easy solutions, with no sophisticated words, no complicated software or other issue makers.

Our software is easy to use, both in the desktop version either the web version, just buy it, we will send you all the details and in 3 minutes you will be able to start to protect your documents.

We are commited with our services.

We are offering great services for customers.

Easy Solutions

Migrations Services

Cloud Servers

Unlimited Bandwidth